City of Fears

I had the misfortune of staying the night. If you’d ask me if I’d recommend it, I’d ask you “Would you like to stay sane?” – Joseph Beckett, last record before his death.


Long ago San was a small village not even noteworthy enough to be recognizable on a map. The village was often beset by creatures of the unknown. Until a mysterious man arrived with a way to kill the beasts in exchange he asked to marry the Mayor’s Daughter.

No one knows exactly what happened, but the mayor resigned his position and took to blacksmithing. He died shortly after, the creature attacks stopped.

The Lordship started shortly after that and the village turned from a small backwood to a full blown city.


The original village was settled by Humans. Since then the city has allowed other races, but the natives are stand-offish to monstrous humanoids, such as Tieflings and Dragonborn. The city itself has just under 14,000 people with the majority have never left the city.


The city itself is built on its hunting trade, though their city’s history has made their smithing highly sought after. The belief being that the blacksmith of legend created a weapon great enough to kill any beast.

Government and Politics

When I met Lady Shade years ago she was a happy young maiden lost in love. Her husband’s death really hardened her… – Eli Talvar, Travelling Merchant of House Talvar

Lady Rosalee Shade is the current ruler of San after her husband’s death. No public funeral was held, but she decreed that his memory would live on. No decision is made within the city limits without the Lady’s say.


Guards protect the city night and day. At any one time there are over a hundred guards active. The military itself is rarely fully mobilized as the city has rarely seen battle aside from dealing with bandits and barbarians.

Points of Interest


  • Lazy Fox Inn – There are few places in the city that accept outsiders, this is one of them. The innkeeper Sylvia makes sure that the inn is protected and safe for any weary traveller.


  • Slaughtered Lamb – Hangout for most of the hunters of the city.
    *The Alley – Rumor has it that there is a tavern that appears and disappears within the city. Never in the same place twice.
    *Cat’s Eye – Few bars in the city have the reputation of Cat’s Eye. Its spotless reputation has increased its patronage of those in the upper class. When asked how the bar stays out of the city gossip Mr. Battleanvil just replies “I guess I’m just lucky.”


  • Lily’s Pad – In the city Lily is the premier apothecary. Her and her granddaughter run the store. Rumor has it that one of them is selling illegal poisons.
  • Arcane Sundries – Rundown shacks are commonplace in San. In one of these shacks is a store filled to the brim with weapons to battle the occult.


If you’d have told me a halfling could kill a werewolf with just a fork, I wouldn’t have believed it… I saw it and I still don’t believe it. – Leyland Barnsted, would-be werewolf victim.

  • Night Hunters

Few hunting brotherhoods have as much prestige as the Night Hunters. They are known for tracking werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghosts, and other creatures of the night. All potential members need to have one confirmed kill


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