High Celestine

City of Lights

It’s tough to remember the majesty of High Celestine, since the lost of Sol the city seems stuck in dark days – The Wanderer


Long ago High Celestine was the bastion of worship to the Divine Sol. The city was known for its beautiful architecture and pristine land. Even in the night the buildings would gleam with a holy light.

Since the death of Sol the city has lost its beauty and majesty. The city itself has been under martial law since.


High Celestine was founded by High Elves who also make up the majority of citizens. Not else is known due to the new found isolationist attitudes within the city.


High Celestine does not produce anything, but the villages that lay outside of the city have much farmland which supplies the city.

Government and Politics

The city is ruled by the priests of Sol with the Archbishop of Sol as acting leader.

Points of Interest


  • Shrine of Sol
  • Shrine of Gaia
  • Shrine of Phoenix
  • Shrine of Aquarius
  • Shrine of Thanatos
  • Shrine of Roose
  • Shrine of Shade

High Celestine

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