Empress's Landing

City of Emeralds

Few things are more beautiful than the gardens of Emperor’s Landing Its almost like being home again. – Aefreda Windtalker, Ex-Druid of the Circle of the Moon


Over a hundred years ago, there was once a grand forest known as the Sea of Green. There was great winter that lasted several years, it wasn’t until the Jade Empress came that the trees came back to life. While not as grand or majestic as the Sea of Green, the result was an oasis in the world. A garden of every tree and plant that one could possibly imagine.

And there she set forth creating Empress’s Landing. A city covered in gardens that are each considered wonders.


The city itself was settled by Wood Elves originally, since then other groups of elves have flocked to the city. Few humans have stepped foot on the Empress’s land. Halflings and sometimes non-firebreathing Dragonborn are allowed to enter. Little over 10,500 people live in the city.


Most trade goods that come out of the city revolve around textiles and fabrics. Though due to the large quantity of flora, apothecaries regularly seek out Empress’s Landing’s reagents. Seamstresses also seek out the many dyes that can be found here. Environmental concerns are held high above all else, as such there is little mining allowed near the city and most metals are imported.

Government and Politics

While the Empress holds absolute power over her domain all political functions have been delegated to the nobility. First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Chief Justice, Commander-in-Chief, Lord High Admiral, Archbishop of Emperor’s Landing, and Lord Mayor are all positions as well as others.

Recently the position of Lord High Executioner has been given to a man named Ko-Ko, whose previous job was that of a cheap tailor.


The standard army is just under 600 able bodied men and women. Each platoon is directed by a Samurai that has proven their metal in combat. It is said the honor guard to the Empress are the most seasoned warriors known to exist.

Points of Interest

  • The Palace of Emerald
    The palace is quite visible from within the city. However, it is surrounded by a great wall to repel any intruders. Within the palace grounds is a magnificent forest said to be many acres and filled with creatures that the empress has collected over the years. The only people allowed to enter and leave the palace are the Honor Guard and the Empress’s personal servants.

Empress's Landing

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