City of Canals

In the far distance, the gold statues atop the Hall of Merchants flashed in the sun, bathing the entire city in its glistening benediction.


Originally the lands of Elv were just wetlands and marshes.

Decades after its founding Elve went from trading outpost to village. From there it only grew until it became what it is now known. During this time the founder of the city was found to have been unfair in his treatment of the trading houses and thus the Council of Elv was formed. Originally all trading houses were allowed representation within the government, but after a time it was decided that the five most influential houses would represent everyone.


As a major trade hub there is no shortage of races represented. The majority of citizens are Human, Elves, Halflings, and Half-Orc. Though there is a presence of Halflings, Dragonborn, and Tieflings. The city itself is said to have a population over 23,000 people, though with the amount of ships trading going on these numbers may be inflated.


Located on the water, Elv has many fisheries and wharfs. Elv shipbuilders are the best in the world. Outside of the city lumber mills and farms supply the city with supplies necessary to keep the city thriving. The sheer number of trading houses that have representation

Government and Politics

The acting Council of Elv is made up of the most senior members of the five great trading houses. Elections are not held to elect individual members, but instead to choose the houses that make it up as well as which one that is head councilmember.

Council of Council:

  1. Grak(Malifark Trading Company)
  2. Amelia Talvar(House Talvar)
  3. Talo Crow-nest(Sea Fellows)
  4. Olaf Diamonbreaker(Diamondbreaker Brothers)
  5. Skullcrusher Bloodaxe(Clan Bloodaxe)


During times of peace the local militia is kept at just under 500 able body men and women. Those seeking protection from threats within the city wall are asked to seek help from one of the many privately funded mercenary companies or try posting bounties and job openings at local establishments.

All criminal cases are held before representatives of any of the five great trading houses. Depending on the crime punishment ranges from fines to imprisonment. Those who are given the death sentence can opt to join one of the penal legions within the military. So far no one who has joined the penal legion has ever lived long enough to receive a pardon.

Points of Interest

Back in my day there was nothing much to see aside from a few boats and platforms floating aloft in the water. Now there is a tavern at every corner. – Captain Bloodflag


  • The Sleeping Kraken
  • Golden Unicorn
  • Captain’s Lodge
  • River’s End
  • Malifark Inn


  • Drunken Sailor – The oldest bar in Elv, established near the piers for the lonely sailors who needed a stiff drink and some company.
  • The Gilded Elf – Known as an Upper-Class dining establishment. The original tavern burnt to the ground during a freak explosion. Its new location is set in the Free Market District where many a merchant goes after a profitable day.
  • Broken Hammer – A relatively new drinking establishment, out of the way and quiet. Once a week there may be a bar fight breaking out, but the city guard are quick to arrive and quick to leave.


  • House Talvar
    This merchant house has had a long history of beneficial dealings within Elv. Currently they are only second to Malifark Trading Company in regards of exporting Elv goods. The Half-Elves of Talvar mainly trade in livestock, wheat, and medicine.
  • Clan Blood Axe
    Half-Orcs are rarely known for delving into any activities outside of bashing heads. Clan Blood Axe is rare in that they have forgone their barbarian heritage to go into the selling of textiles and clothing supplies.
  • Malifark Trading Company
    Oldest trading company represented on the council. They have representatives all over the world. Though their home city has long since abandoned, they still manage to carry on strong. The company is best known for its trade of tools and weaponry.
  • Diamondbreaker Brothers
    The Dwarven brothers started out as mere stone cutters in the city of Raz. It wasn’t until they came back from an exploratory mission outside of the city walls did they strike it big. It is said that they came back with so many precious gems that they could have bought the city ten times over. Instead they invested. To this day no one but the brothers know the location of the mine that jump started their climb to success.
  • Sea Fellows
    One of the few trade groups that were a founding member of Elv’s Council. The sailors of the city have great political pull. Fishermen, shipbuilders, captains, etc… all belong to the Sea Fellows if they wish to call Elv home.


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