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Season One
2013 Recap

In the village of Malifark, adventurers were gathered by Grak, the village leader. A stout dwarf that also ran the tavern. A caravan arriving with supplies for the harvest festival and weapons for the guards was a few days behind schedule. Grak sent a messenger to find out what was taking so long, but they did not return.

With the help of some Orc hunters, they found the remains of the caravan. Evidence pointed to a tribe of Goblins in the area that had lost their leader, the Brewmaster. Distracting the goblins with a duck feces air raid the party managed to negotiate the lives of the traders Vara and Talc. After a test of strength the adventurers left with the traders and part of the shipment they were transporting.

Arriving back at the village the harvest festival is only a few days away.
With the Harvest Festival fast approaching Malifark is seeing an influx of merchants and bards coming to partake of the festivities. However, the messenger, Simon, that they had gone looking for before was still missing. With the help of the inn keeper Sylvia Winterbreath they were given a locket once owned by Simon’s dead mother and a clue where to find him.

The Cave of All(or a few) Dooms within the Sea of Green. The last dungeon that his parents would ever delve into, was a likely place. On their way to the cave the players met Roose the Marvelous Merchant, a merchant of questionable character, receiving a magical lock in trade.

Entering the cave, Sen and Claudius managed to solve the puzzle of the falling ceiling by breaking the button that kept the doors shut. In the Manticore’s den the group managed to save a bard by the name of Willum the Bard, from a messy end.

On their way to continue down the Cave of Select Dooms the adventurers hear a strange calling in their mind.
After successfully traversing the first few obstacles the party manages to get through each and every challenge without issue. Meeting the inebriated wizard that ran the dungeon that party stole his wand and his booze. As well as found out about the Sword of Fighting, an artifact that he was protecting.

Entering the Sword chamber, a possessed Simon was trying to dispel the runes that kept him from gaining possession of the sword. Sen managed to grab the sword, calling it the Sword of Ages. Ages then proceeded to try and get Sen to attack the possessed Simon, only for Sen to sheath it.

Interrogating the demon the group learned that the barrier between the plane of demons and devils was slowly deteriorating and only the minor demons were able to slip through the breaches in the fabric of reality.
The Tale of Willum the Bard is a long and glorious one. As he joined the party to try and reach the Library a chance of fate cause Claudius to be carried down stream towards a sacred glade, guarded by a Wise Wolf.

Upon recovering their fallen ally the party(excluding Trudi) proceeded to goad the Wolf into attacking William.

Later on after figuring out that the Sword of Fighting was once owned by the Original Demon Eye, the party decided to investigate the matter further. When they entered the nearest town however, they soon discovered their actions had consequences.
Starting with a minor scuffle with one of the paladins of the Order of the Holy Flame, the party met Sheriff Exton. In order to help two of their party get off the bounty board, the party assisted Sheriff Exton with the removal of a beaver dam in the village of Loci. In the course of the quest they found that [[Lt. Colonel Honeybun]] and his army for the Great King Waffletail had built a village to accommodate their people for December’s arrival.

After convincing Honeybun to release the waters in other directions they met back with Exton. Along with giving them a carriage he reunited the party with Vara and Talc, traders they met in Rogue Port city. Their adventure leads them foward to Rogue Port.
On the road to Rogue Port, the adventurers and their two friends from Malifark, Talc and Vara, travelled the road from Loci. Highwaymen blocking the path were easily distracted as Kaomi set fire to their campsite, immolating two that were sleeping in their tent. With the distraction set, Claudius and Sen dispatched the last two and the caravan proceeded to its next pit stop.

At the next village the party found it apparently deserted and Sen’s sword began chatting ancient prayers of unknown origin. As night fell the shadows began to move and take form, in the ensuing chaotic fight they managed to get a look at one of the begins within magic light. Its face skeletal and bathed in black smoke; its grip burned into Sen’s flesh.

Fending them off as best they could, the party retreated into a brightly light tavern known as the Tipsy Tophat, managing to save Vara from the grasping hands of shadow.
Where last we left off the party had just captured a Necromancer who nearly destroyed a town in his quest to discover a way of defeating the growing demon threat.

On the road to Rogue Port city, a goblin child stopped the caravan and immediately accused Sen of killing his father. After deciding it would not be best to kill a child or leave him for dead in the woods the Monk took the best course of action laid out for him. Trying to find a new home for the vengeful tyke. Claudius decided in order to stop One “Scrappy” Knife from annoying them with his incessant screaming for Sen’s death that he would give the child alcohol until he passed out.

Upon arriving to the city of Rogue Port they discovered the mighty Academy of Mages, bent over the city as if by magic. Trudi was able to seek an audience with her old enchantment professor, eager to see the work Trudi has done on her research assignment. Kaomi was not allowed to enter and instead went to the apothecary to gather supplies. In turn gaining an audience with the Council of Mages to decide the fate of the Necromancer. After a charismatic speech by Claudius the Council decided that the best course of action to take with the Necromancer for his crimes was to expel him and imprison him in stasis for a hundred years.

The Headmaster then assigned the head of Necromancy to investigate the leyline further in secret to avoid the wrath of the Consortium.

That night after locating the noble family who owned the sword they found, the party returned to the Bloody Knife to meet back up with Talc and Vara. Trudi sensing that Vara was smitten with Talc proceeded to try and put them together. Willum the Bard was playing a melancholy song about December. Where upon Sen, in disguise, proceeded to play a song was both Rocking and Refined. Talc and Vara danced the night away.

However, in the morning Talc was nursing a bad hangover and couldn’t remember who he was with the night before. Much to Vara’s chagrin. Roose the Merchant tried to sell the party a map to a secret fortress underground, but was dismayed when the party didn’t want to pay the price he set. Kaomi arrived bearing 10 health potions she created from supplies she had purchased, using the Cook book she had found earlier.

Returning the sword to the Zabat family, the head of house Cato Zabat gave the party a job to retrieve an artifact from an underground fortress. With the company of his two children Trin and Petunia, the party venture into the dangerous Fortress of Kalid.

End of Season One

The Fortress of Kalid
Or how I learned to love kissing banshees

Last where we left our heroes they had just entered the Fortress of Kalid, a structure underground that once belonged to a dwarf psychic, in search of the Orb of Kalid. They were accompanied by the fraternal twins Zabat, Trin and Petunia. Searching the main chamber it was soon discovered that long ago Kalid fell in love with a woman from the surface. Though an evil queen punished Kalid by cursing her. Three doors led deeper into the fortress; the armory, throne room, and a third marked by a sun symbol.

Heading into the unknown the party members came across a statue of a beautiful young maiden holding a crystal in her hand. After reading that the plaque across the base of the statue said “Kiss Me”. Kaomi rushed at the chance and was met with sharp dwarven sword steel as it jutted from the statue’s mouth. Checking a side room they found nothing of interest except for an eerily empty room.

Continuing on they discovered a room with a woman asleep in a glass casket. Kaomi insistent that she kiss the sleeping beauty managed to convinceClaudius to throw Sen over to her, bypassing stone traps. Once he was there he noticed that the sleeping human woman was holding a wand, circlet, and had some expensive dwarven jewelry. Sen ignored Kaomi’s plea to kiss the woman. Kaomi however managed to jump over to the casket and kiss her. Receiving a nice bite out of her by the awakening banshee. Dispatching the creature the party found out she was the surface woman from the story of Kalid.

Upon examining the Armory the party found a dead body and an elf woman, who appeared to receive the map via someone who bought it from Roose the Marvelous Merchant. The young elf woman bore a strong resemblance to the innkeeper from Malifark.

Continuing to the throne room the party were ambushed by stone sentinels while trying to retrieve the Orb of Kalid from its place on the Golden Throne. During the fighting the twins stole the orb. However, after the fighting was done a secret chamber was found behind the throne. Inside the group discovered another orb. Kaomi took it in her hand and it spoke, “Hello, I am the Orb of Magic”


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