The Fortress of Kalid

Or how I learned to love kissing banshees

Last where we left our heroes they had just entered the Fortress of Kalid, a structure underground that once belonged to a dwarf psychic, in search of the Orb of Kalid. They were accompanied by the fraternal twins Zabat, Trin and Petunia. Searching the main chamber it was soon discovered that long ago Kalid fell in love with a woman from the surface. Though an evil queen punished Kalid by cursing her. Three doors led deeper into the fortress; the armory, throne room, and a third marked by a sun symbol.

Heading into the unknown the party members came across a statue of a beautiful young maiden holding a crystal in her hand. After reading that the plaque across the base of the statue said “Kiss Me”. Kaomi rushed at the chance and was met with sharp dwarven sword steel as it jutted from the statue’s mouth. Checking a side room they found nothing of interest except for an eerily empty room.

Continuing on they discovered a room with a woman asleep in a glass casket. Kaomi insistent that she kiss the sleeping beauty managed to convinceClaudius to throw Sen over to her, bypassing stone traps. Once he was there he noticed that the sleeping human woman was holding a wand, circlet, and had some expensive dwarven jewelry. Sen ignored Kaomi’s plea to kiss the woman. Kaomi however managed to jump over to the casket and kiss her. Receiving a nice bite out of her by the awakening banshee. Dispatching the creature the party found out she was the surface woman from the story of Kalid.

Upon examining the Armory the party found a dead body and an elf woman, who appeared to receive the map via someone who bought it from Roose the Marvelous Merchant. The young elf woman bore a strong resemblance to the innkeeper from Malifark.

Continuing to the throne room the party were ambushed by stone sentinels while trying to retrieve the Orb of Kalid from its place on the Golden Throne. During the fighting the twins stole the orb. However, after the fighting was done a secret chamber was found behind the throne. Inside the group discovered another orb. Kaomi took it in her hand and it spoke, “Hello, I am the Orb of Magic”


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